Meet the Team

Claudia Näser

Archaeologist, Project Director

I am an archaeologist by training. I studied in Berlin in Germany and Cambridge in England. I did my PhD on ancient Egyptian burial practices. Since

Cornelia Kleinitz

Archaeologist, Deputy Project Director
I am an archaeologist who specialises in studying Africa’s archaeology and history.

Gareth Rees

Archaeologist, Field Director

Ever since I began studying archaeology, when I was eighteen, I have been interested by the way in which people live in different environments. In the

Mohamed Mohamed el-Tayeb Badri

Head of Logistics

My name is Mohamed Mohamed el-Tayeb Badri. I am from Sudan, Kordofan, al-Obeid town – this is my roots. But I have lived in Khartoum for many years.

Gemma Tully

Community Archaeologist
I have always been interested in the past and what it means to other people. I studied archaeology at University in England and was lucky enough to travel to Egypt to work on a project in al-Quseir, on the Red Sea.

Jens Weschenfelder


Since I was a teenager the stories of Indiana Jones or Lara Croft, two famous movie archaeologists, have fascinated me. After finishing school, I left

Annett Dittrich

I am an archaeologist based in Berlin, Germany, where I had the great opportunity to study the archaeology of Sudan.

Kerstin Gessner

Fascinated by the phenomenon of changes through times, I became an archaeologist.

Stefania Merlo

Archaeologist and Geographer
Although I started my studies learning ancient languages and history, with time, at University, I became fascinated with archaeology and went on to work on excavations in Italy, England and Greece.

Lilli Janotte

Student of Egyptology, the Archaeology of Sudan and Biological Anthropology

I decided to study archaeology when I was in school. After my A-levels I lived and worked in Rwanda for one year and after returning home to Germany I

Valerie Hänsch

Social Anthropologist

I was born and raised in a small town in the South of Germany. My geography teacher in school told us many stories about her work in Ethiopia. At that

Hassan Mustafa Alkhidir

Inspector for the National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums

I come from the River Nile State, Berber city, Al-al-Bauqa (Fottwar village), but now I live in Khartoum, in Hajj Yusif. I have loved archaeology